2016 World Press Photo|A Life in Death

展期|2016. 11.5 - 11.27
展場|Studio 94

長期專題 第二名 Long-Term Projects 2nd Prize
A Life in Death / Nancy Borowick / USA


Laurel and Howie Borowick lived out the final year of their 34-year-long marriage battling cancer together. They chose to spend their last months creating new memories, rather than becoming preoccupied with their troubles. Their family used the time they all had left together to the fullest. Howie died on 7 December 2013. After that, Laurel’s cancer worsened and she passed away on 6 December 2014. The photographer documented her parents’ final chapters. She says that everyone wants to find purpose in their lives, and that Laurel and Howie’s final purpose was found in this moment, in the gift they gave her of allowing her to tell their story.